Graham, NC


Alamance Kaffee Werks
12 oz
Cupping Notes: Lemon, blueberry, smooth, fruity but not overly citrusy.
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

This bean is from the Yirgachefe area of Ethiopia, Ethiopian coffee is typically regarded as the 'go-to' for specialty coffee. Historically, Ethiopia has played an important role in the global coffee industry. This coffee is best known for its wine quality, sublte acidity leaving a smooth experience. This bean was washed in its processing. Grown at altitudes between 1600 to 1900 meters above sea level.

More about Alamance Kaffee Werks

Alamance Kaffee Werks is passionate about custom roasted coffee, the right roast for the the right bean at the right value. The first thing that you will notice with AKW coffee is the aroma and vibrant flavor. Since AKW is a custom roastery, your bean will be roasted and shipped within 48 hours.  Read more...

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