Hoover, AL

Ridge Blend

Baba Java Coffee
A tasty blend of Ethiopia and Honduras creates a sweet, nutty flavor that's perfect for espresso.
1,950 - 2,100 meters; 1,100 meters
Ethiopia, Brazil
Catuai, Ethiopian Heirloom
Guji, Minas Gerais
Cafe Kreyol, Keffa Coffee
Pulped Natural

Notes from the curator

With a unique blend of coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia, we've crafted a blend that works well across all brew methods. However, it really shines as an espresso. It's smooth, well balanced with hints of pear, grape and nuts.

More about Baba Java Coffee

At Baba Java, we promise our customers excellent coffee from farm to cup. We ethically source our coffee from farms that give fair wages to the farmers to support their families. We choose only the best, specialty grade beans, then we roast them to perfection to provide the best tasting cup. Read more...

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