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Banyan Coffee Company
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Jam, Red Berries, Grapes, Honey, Juicy
Farm info
Media Luna Farm is located in the San Diego municipality of the Cesar Department. Producer Luis Alfonso Padilla Rios, his wife Maria Jhoannaa Paez Rodriguez, and their three children live on Media Luna. The farm produces plantain and lulo fruits in addition to coffee and its 30 hectares reach from 1900 to 2000 meters above sea level. There is a second harvest, called the mitaca, from July to September in addition to the main harvest from November-February.
“I started growing coffee together with my father when I was a child,” Luis Alfonso says. He used to help move coffee in the dryers and give food to the employees. Now he has his own farm and Media Luna has one permanent employee and between 10-15 seasonal employees for harvest. The farm currently partners with Colors of Nature to improve the quality of the coffee they produce.
This lot of Natural processed coffee was fermented in cherry for 36 hours then transferred to raised beds to dry for 20 days.

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We began roasting coffee beans in our garage in 2013 with your everyday popcorn popper. Coffee was meant to be shared & communities need to be reached. Our approach to coffee is simple we use “single origin coffee” and deliver our coffee fresh. Read more...

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