One Eyed Jack Blend
8 reviews
Mooresville , NC

One Eyed Jack Blend

Black Powder Coffee
1 lb
A blend of Naturally Grown Ethiopian and Sumatra coffee beans. Dark Roast with bold flavor!

Notes from the curator

Each farm is selected annually to maintain a slightly earthy taste with an velvety mouthfeel and a little bitterness that disapates quickly. Dark roasted with bold flavor.
Make your morning interesting with this wildcard of the coffee world. Dark and mysterious, the One Eyed Jack Blend from Black Powder Roasting Company is full of surprises. The bold flavor will keep you guessing until it's time to refill your coffee mug (which lik

More about Black Powder Coffee

Family owned and operated craft artisan roaster located in Mooresville, NC. Small Batch Roasted Fresh To Order. Responsibly Harvested. Hand Selected.  Read more...

Customer reviews

One Eyed Jack Coffee
5 / 5
This One Eyed Jack coffee is a great tasting dark roast which is better for my palate. I enjoy the rich and creamy taste of the espresso and it’s the best roast I have had from the several blends I have tried from Spinn so far. Perfect brew for a shot in the morning!
good coffee but sticks in Spinn
3 / 5
good coffee but does not work well with the Spinn machine
Occasionally Sticks in the Feeder But Delicious
5 / 5
I enjoyed this dark, slightly acidic brew. The beans did get stuck twice in the grinder but I pushed the beans down and the next cup was perfect.
Beautiful dark roast
5 / 5
I think this is the darkest roast I’ve found so far that still works well with the Spinn. Yes, I had to push beans down the chute a couple of times, but not a big deal to me. Also, it’s a 16oz bag, so it’s pretty good value for the quality of bean.
Coffee is good, but bad for SPINN machine
2 / 5
These beans are good, but they clogged the SPINN machine and I had to clean the Transport Worm to get things working again.