Tempe, AZ

Black Market Blend Forty-Eight

Cartel Coffee Lab
12 oz
This coffee is good.

Notes from the curator

What if we source and roast the same way, but find a couple coffees that, when combined, add up to something completely new for us?
Cartel coffees are bright, fruity, and acidic, while the body and sweetness tend to be very balanced. We thought it would be fun to build a blend that turns this profile upside down. We came up with our Black Market Blend Forty-Eight. It’s a coffee with huge body, all the sweetness, and a slight berry note that comes through like the signature on a painting.

More about Cartel Coffee Lab

From seed to cup, specialty coffee is a story involving many people. Our purpose is to invite as many as possible to participate in and learn about this ever-growing narrative. Coffee is our craft; people are our passion. Read more...

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