Tempe, AZ

Black Market Desert City Dark

Cartel Coffee Lab
12 oz
Our First Company Dark Roast We Taste: Bold chocolate and macadamia nut
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

It happened. We put our heads together and produced a dark roast blend. A coffee that you can finally bring home to Mom and Dad. This is a dark roast that we can be proud of. It’s a blend from two producers that we’ve had long standing relationships with. The El Carmen Estate in El Salvador, that has generously hosted us on multiple occasions; and the Santa Barbara Estate in Colombia, which has produced Cartel favorites like the “San Pascual” Microlot. The Production Team put as much careful att

More about Cartel Coffee Lab

From seed to cup, specialty coffee is a story involving many people. Our purpose is to invite as many as possible to participate in and learn about this ever-growing narrative. Coffee is our craft; people are our passion. Read more...

Customer reviews

5 / 5
I love dark bold coffee so this definitely met my expectation. Really good. My young adult kids loved it too! I’m an early Spinn investor, waited a long time (4 years) for my coffeemaker. It was worth the wait. Now I’m buying from different roasters to get to my favorite.
5 / 5
Great dark coffee, nutty with the dark chocolate in there. Really nice.