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Sacramento, CA

Cerro San Luis - Costa Rica Honey

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters
12 oz
Cup Characteristics: Toffee sweetness, Pear acidity and a Syrupy body.
Sara & Alexander Delgado

Notes from the curator

In their 9th year of milling their own coffee, the Delgados have perfected the process of producing wonderful coffees. This honey processed coffee is where the outer skin is removed using a mechanical de-mucilager eliminating the need for water. The beans with their mucilage (pulp) intact are then laid out on raised drying beds under a Solar dryer. The beans are turned by hand every hour for 8 hours a day creating a beautiful Honey like body.

More about Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

We roast small batches to ensure the freshest possible coffee while maintaining the intrinsic flavors within the fruit. We travel overseas to growing regions to meet producers and learn how their coffee growing practices, micro-climates, quality and care ultimately contribute to your cup.
2021 Good Food Awards Finalist

Customer reviews

Too Dark for my taste
2 / 5
Didn’t really get the tasting notes indicated. This was a very dark/bitter roast.