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Sacramento, CA

El Tontolo Manguito - Honduras

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters
12 oz
ristics: Orange Sweetness, Blackberry acidity, Honey on the finish.
Jose Isidro Lara
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

Jose Isidro Lara has been coffee farming for nearly 15 years. He inherited 1.5 manzanas from his father and from the profits from this farm he was able to purchase 10 more manzanas of land. A small part of the farm is open field. All 10 manzanas of farm are certified Rainforest Alliance and Biolatina Ecologica (Organic).

More about Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

We roast small batches to ensure the freshest possible coffee while maintaining the intrinsic flavors within the fruit. We travel overseas to growing regions to meet producers and learn how their coffee growing practices, micro-climates, quality and care ultimately contribute to your cup.
2nd Place Overall - 2017 Golden Bean North America Read more...

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