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Peoria, IL

[DORW] Dominican Republic - Washed

[CxT] Roasting Company
12 oz
This Washed Process has notes of raw almonds and is generally nutty; medium body; mild acidity; semi-sweet finish.
red caturra
Ramirez Estate
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

We've had the great fortune to partner with a coffee importer / roaster that has established direct trade relationships with the Dominican Republic. The coffees from this Caribbean island are so unique and offer some very interesting flavor profiles. We procured a series of three coffees from the Ramirez Estate - each one processed a different way: 1) Washed, 2) Red Honey, 3) Natural.~Tristan

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[CxT] Roasting Company is a family owned small business specializing in specialty grade coffee for both retail and wholesale. All of our coffee is small batch roasted by our SCA certified roastmaster, Tristan. Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of light-roasted single origin coffees. Read more...

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