Washington, DC

Bali Blue Single Origin Organic- Medium Dark Roast

Everyday People Coffee & Tea
12 oz
Naturally blue in color before being roasted. Medium-dark with tasting notes of brown sugar, dark chocolate and molasses
1,200 - 1,600 meters
Bourbon, Catimor, Typica

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Minority and Women Owned Custom Roasted Specialty Single Origin Coffee for Cause. Roasted in Small Batches.
A percentage of our sales helps supports organizations in childhood education for at risk youth & nature conservation efforts to protect our environment. Read more...

Customer reviews

Would order again
4 / 5
I French Press, coarse grind, 12ml water/gm coffee, brew between 4-5 min. This is a nice cup, thick body nutty and earthy to my taste. Not bitter if you brew less than 5 min. While I lean to darker roasts, I have to wonder if this particular bean would be even better with a lighter roast, possibly turning a good cup into a great cup. Definitely worth a try. I would order it again