Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Organic Bali Blue Moon

Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters
12 oz
This crisp, smooth bean offers hints of vanilla and caramel with a subtle dark chocolate and spicy finish.
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

This coffee is cultivated with tremendous care in the volcanic highlands of the Kintamani region. These blue-green - almost turquoise-colored - raw coffee beans, unlike other Indonesian coffees, are fully wet-processed. The preparation is astounding, resulting in a brighter, cleaner cup profile than wet-hulled Sumatras and Sulawesi varietals.

More about Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters

In 1984, Greg & Barbara met while working for a coffee importer in NYC. Together, they learned the business, from 'farm to cup'. In 2008, they started FMCR, fulfilling their dream of roasting the very best specialty coffee. Their knowledge and passion are in every roast & every cup. Enjoy. Read more...

Customer reviews

Delightful cup
4 / 5
Nice heavy full bodied cup Earthy, mild acidity. I like a thick almost syrupy first cup and this foots the bill. French press(coarse ground) 12-15 ml/g, 4 min brew time