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Elsy's Coffee


Shelby, NC

Elsy's Coffee
12 OZ
Whole Beans

Elsy's coffee, our lightest roast so far, brings out noticeable flowery and citrus flavors including blac



4740 - 4760




La Paz


Fully Washed


IHCAFE 90, Lempira

Notes from the curator

We met Elsy in January 2019 and her drive and determination as a single mother impressed us immediately—as did her scrumptious pineapple turnovers. Elsy and her family live less than a 10-minute drive from Ana's house in La Paz, Honduras, and both are members of the same coffee cooperative.

More about Farmers First Coffee Company

We connect you directly to the farmer who grew your coffee. Each bag delivers a story of the person who grew and harvested each and every bean. Farmers First Coffee Company works directly with each farm and co-op, ensuring they can invest in their farms, families and their communities. Are you ready to drink a better coffee?


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Holly Volzgen avatarvery good

I enjoyed this coffee a lot

by Holly Volzgen
Holly Volzgen avatarI keep coming back

I was recently gifted Spinn and I ordered this as one of my first coffees along with one other. Both are amazing, I keep going back to Elsy. It’s a great medium-light roast, smooth, definitely recommend it.

by Holly Volzgen