San Francisco, CA

Ethiopia Harrar Messela (organic)

HelioRoast Coffee
12 oz
At lighter and medium roasts, syrupy notes of dark berries predominate, especially black and blue ones.
Northeast Africa
Pulped Natural

Notes from the curator

Soft notes of clove and cardamom give it a smoky character, as do hints of brown sugar. The aroma is distinctively floral. The body thickens up noticeably at darker roast levels, as do chocolate tones, which remain for a pleasantly long time in the finish. There is low acidity in both lighter and darker roasts, but it still makes for an excellent espresso. If used in milk-based espressos, use as little as comfortable to accentuate Messela’s rich character.

More about HelioRoast Coffee

HelioRoast is San Francisco's first commercial roastery to use renewable electricity for roasting. We roast on Treasure Island and ship on the same day, and coffees are typically received within two days. Other coffees are excellent but none is fresher! Read more...

Customer reviews

Totally delicious 😋
5 / 5
Such an amazing flavor and aroma - and loved that it’s roasted by the sun ☀️ Literally. Thank you 🙏🏻
Excellent harrar!
5 / 5
Mellow but complex. The tasting notes are spot on. An excellent harrar!