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San Francisco, CA

French Roast

HelioRoast Coffee
12 oz
A favorite blend designed to endure the rigors of dark roasting, and produce excellent pungent tastes and great body.

Notes from the curator

Body is so important to a darker roast! When correctly roasted you will taste some degree of bittersweet, overlayed on the carbony charcoal tones of the burned woody structure of the bean itself. You want something still voluminous, and something sharp that stings you a bit down the center of the tongue.
French Roast excels with beans that can tolerate very high heat and yet retain their sugars and oils. Ours does!

More about HelioRoast Coffee

HelioRoast is San Francisco's first commercial roastery to use renewable electricity for roasting. We roast on Treasure Island and ship on the same day, and coffees are typically received within two days. Other coffees are excellent but none is fresher! Read more...

Customer reviews

Great Coffee
5 / 5
Very nice medium roast coffee; used in a drip coffee maker. Easy to drink, subtle flavor.