San Francisco, CA

Sumatra Lintong Pak (organic)

HelioRoast Coffee
12 oz
The dry fragrance has intense chocolate and caramel biscuit tones, with molasses, chocolate-coated raisin & dark berry.
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

Sugar-browning notes like butterscotch, caramel and spice are present in the wet aroma, with some plum and blackberry fruits. The cup has a great rustic sweetness, with Concord grape notes, molasses, cinnamon stick, black tea, fresh tobacco, and strong mulling spice in the finish. Light roasts have a more malty roast taste, fading to chocolate with plum/prune fruit. Darker roast levels have dark malt syrup, and a thick slab of fruited/chocolate flavor. Has an excellent body.

More about HelioRoast Coffee

HelioRoast is San Francisco's first commercial roastery to use renewable electricity for roasting. We roast on Treasure Island and ship on the same day, and coffees are typically received within two days. Other coffees are excellent but none is fresher! Read more...

Customer reviews

This coffee is amazing!!!
5 / 5
It is smooth, flavorful, and not sharp or acidic. Love this coffee. The roaster is amazing as well, there was a shipping issue not only did they replace the damaged bag of coffee but they sent me a whole bag of another variety of coffee which was delicious as well!