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Somewhere Blend

Somewhere Blend
1 LB
Whole Beans

A favorite of House Cup customers, "Somewhere Blend" is a nicely balanced and smooth Central & South American blend.




Brazil; Costa Rica; Colombia







Notes from the curator

A favorite of House Cup customers, "Somewhere Blend" is nicely balanced and smooth (not bitter or burnt-tasting) — a recipe lovingly honed by the owners of House Cup Coffee Roasters over plenty of early mornings. Somewhere Blend combines the roasted nut flavors from Brazil with the chocolate, almond and caramel from Costa Rica and Colombia. It is roasted a tad darker than "medium" but still feels light enough to be your every morning coffee.

More about House Cup Coffee Roasters

House Cup Coffee was created to help individuals make a better cup of coffee at home and encourage local restaurants to offer a coffee that is as good as the food they serve. Welcome to House Cup!


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Hasan Arif avatarNew to Spinn

We live in Philly. Drove almost 40 minutes to House Cup Coffee Roasters & Cafe. Couldnt wait to try it and we were not disappointed. It is a great blend. Smooth and not burnt or bitter. Love it :)

by Hasan Arif