Honeoye Falls, NY

Kaya Kopi Lam Dong

Kaya Kopi
Kaya Kopi Lam Dong is a pure energy boost. It's strong flavor makes it the perfect espresso drink.
1,461 - 1,577 meters
Lam Dong Province

Notes from the curator

This coffee is packed with double the normal caffeine concentration and has a forceful taste to accompany it. It's extremely rich in flavor and has chocolate and hazelnut hints that make it the perfect espresso drink. The acidy is lower in this coffee despite a slightly more bitter taste. A lingering aftertaste will leave you craving more.
Robusta coffee gets a bad reputation but this coffee will change your perception on that forever. It is grown and roasted with the highest care.

More about Kaya Kopi

We are four friends who love coffee, traveling and meeting new people. We believe that sharing a perfect cup of coffee with friends (both old and new) is one of the best ways to enjoy the human experience. Kaya Kopi Luwak comes from wild civets living in the Pangalangan Highlands of Java Indonesia. Read more...

Customer reviews

slightly burnt
2 / 5
I thought these beans were over priced and roasted too dark. Slightly burnt, didnt enjoy them.