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Sumatra Decaf (Certified Organic)

Sumatra Decaf (Certified Organic)
12 OZ
Whole Beans

We are proud to offer this delicious, organic Sumatra Decaf; quite possibly the best cup of decaf you'll ever have!












Notes from the curator

Along with being Organic Certified, this a water process decaf, which means no nasty chemicals have ever been in contact with these beans. Drink your decaf with a smile!

More about Koawood Coffee

We are a micro-batch roastery that specializes in bringing you the finest specialty coffee the world has to offer. In addition to our exquisite Signature Blends, our selection of Single-Origin coffee has something for everyone. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a better cup of coffee by always roasting fresh to order.


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David Messina avatarAwesome bold flavor for decaf

This coffee has a perfect full bodied taste. Nobody would ever pick this as decaf in a blind taste test. I love a strong flavored coffee, but cant tolerate high levels of caffeine. This coffee fits my criteria perfectly. I ordered it on a Thursday, it was roasted, and shipped that same day. Arrived two short days later on Saturday. I will definitely be ordering this again, and again.

by David Messina