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Fairfax, VA

Code Chaos Dolce Espresso

10 oz
A northern Italian dolce (sweet) style espresso with notes of caramel, dark chocolate and orange blossom.

Notes from the curator

A powerful yet sweet blend of organic Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala beans creates an unforgettable taste sensation without the savage bite. Smooth and sweet, Code Chaos is perfect for a shot, but also holds up to a latté or cappuccino. It also makes an awesome brewed cup.

More about Kustomcoffee

Kustomcoffee is a very small award-winning artisan micro-roastery based in Fairfax, Virginia. We roast very small batches of ethically sourced premium specialty coffee beans. Each batch is handcrafted and unique, without reliance on computerized roast profiling. Read more...

Customer reviews

bit burnt
4 / 5
Smell was good when opening up, however too dark for my appetite. If you like a good dark roast this is your coffee