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Lighthouse Roasters
Heavy bodied, sweet coffee with muted, round acidity and a one-of-a-kind flavor that is often described as earthy.
Pulped Natural

Notes from the curator

Sumatra is a mountainous island in the Indonesian archipelago. The coffees produced here are famous for their distinctive flavor profile, which arises from a variety of factors including soil composition, climate, coffee varietal, and the unique processing method favored on the island. This process, called wet hulling, involves partially drying the coffee seed, and hulling it while it is still damp and soft. The result is a very heavy bodied, sweet coffee with muted and round acidity.

More about Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse Roasters has been producing fine artisan quality coffees in Seattle since 1993. Lighthouse creates consistently great coffee in small batches of the freshest premium beans roasted in our cast-iron roaster each day. Lighthouse has established a following of coffee lovers through our commitment of treating coffee roasting as a craft.  Read more...

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