Lima Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Pacaya


Fort Collins , CO

Guatemala Pacaya
12 OZ

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, Brown sugar & dried cherry Medium roast












Notes from the curator

The Pacaya volcano is located in the southern edge of a sizable volcanic caldera which contains the Amatitlan Lake. San Vicente Pacaya's coffee growing areas start at altitudes of 1500 masl. Adequate rain, soil, and humidity provide optimal growing conditions and an excellent opportunity for coffee beans to develop complex, chocolate notes. Brewing recommendations: Pour Over Drip French Press Aeropress

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It is simple. We love people and how coffee brings us together. We are passionate about our relationships with our farmers and local artisans in order to create excellence in every cup.


Customer Reviews

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Rich Hunt avatarNot good

This coffee is bitter and I found a rock mixed in with the beans…

by Rich Hunt
Matt Martz avatarDecent.

Decent. MUCH better than the other two coffees I tried from this roaster. Would I buy it again. No.

by Matt Martz
null avatarvery balanced cup

I found this coffee very balanced and very enjoyable!

by Spinn Customer
null avatarreally good !

I really enjoyed this cup.

by Spinn Customer
Laura Steck avatarI loved this coffee! the cherry added just a hint of sweetness/tartness that added nicely to the overall taste. Very rich, nice flavor!

by Laura Steck
Jake Grether avatarToo much cherry


by Jake Grether