Naperville, IL

First Crack Espresso

Martini Coffee Roasters
16 oz
Fruity and sweet to the nose with lively acidity. Tasting flavors include bing cherries, pomegranate and sugarcane.

Notes from the curator

We pull this roast out of the heat right after first crack, resulting in our new favorite light espresso blend. We formulated a delicious mix of both high and low altitude beans, resulting in a fruity, bright and smooth espresso blend. We are certainly proud to share with our customers a new unique and complex lightly roasted espresso blend.

More about Martini Coffee Roasters

Here at Martini Coffee Roasters, we explore the art and tradition of coffee roasting. We believe each new coffee variety we encounter can be expressed in a multitude of roast profiles. For some of our single-origin coffee we even allow our customers to choose their own roast! At MCR, we roast-to-order in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  Read more...

Customer reviews

Middle of the Road
3 / 5
I really wanted to like these beans more. But I feel like it is still 'in the middle of the road' it couldn't decide want it wanted to be. Or may be that's why one would call it balanced? I mean, it is a blend. I would light say it is more light-medium roast. Fairly bright, medium acidity that sharpens quickly at the end of of your tongue and right when you swallow. Nothing at first when it hits your tongue. I do taste pomegranate more than I taste cherry flavors. Sugar cane sweetness hints of it. Very low hint of cacao but it is isn't dominant at all (but it is there throughout) - suppose that's why this was pulled right after first crack. I didn't try to do a pour-over with this one, although with the current tasting/roast profile I can imagine this is definitely a solid drinkable espresso profile that is versatile enough to go this method too! It has some highs and lows but I wouldn't say it is an epic, complex journey in your mouth.