Colorado Springs, CO

Bug Blend

Mission Coffee Roasters, Inc.
12 oz
This is a post roast blend of medium roast Mexican with dark roast Nicaragua. Balanced. Good to drink all day long.
Mexico, Nicaragua

Notes from the curator

This bag pays homage to a 1966 VW Beetle (grandpa's economy car - he had a Ford Gran Torino too - but we have not thought about putting it on a bag yet....hmmmmm).
This coffee is a post roast blend of a medium roast Mexican with a dark roast Nicaragua. It's the same blend as the Bus Blend.
It's a great coffee to drink all day as it is not too dark, not too light, not too bright. Very balanced.
We like it with pie and ice cream, sipping it at our desk, or out on the porch.
The postage has gone up significantly so we have raised the price on the coffee to cover the increase.

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