mckinleyville, CA
Named after our beautiful county. Humboldt blend helps us survive all these rainy days and foggy mornings.

Notes from the curator

A blend to take on the chilly mornings of the North Coast. this coffee gets its rich, earthy flavor from a blend of Peru, Brazil and Sumatran beans. A coffee combination that is perfectly suited for those foggy Humboldt County mornings.
50% Brazil , 25% Peru , 25% Sumatra
100% Organic
Tasting notes : Earth , Molasses, and Brown Sugar

More about muddy waters coffee co

The Muddy Waters Coffee Company, micro roaster and distributor of 100% certified organic coffee. Founded in 1998, Muddy Waters is focused on producing the highest quality product for an amazing price for the past 20 years. With only 2 people, we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of every bag Read more...

Customer reviews

rich and flavorful
4 / 5
Very good strong coffee