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All time classic, Sumatra is one of the best stand alone coffees you can buy.

Notes from the curator

Did you know that almost 80% of Sumatran coffee farmers are women? Cultivating in rich volcanic soil, these farmers produce one of the highest quality coffees on the planet. However you take it, a cup of our dark roast Sumatra has a nutty, earthy flavor that still shines through the addition of milk or cream.
100% Sumatra
100% Fairtrade & Organic
Tasting notes : Earth, Almond, Toast & Full Body

More about muddy waters coffee co

The Muddy Waters Coffee Company, micro roaster and distributor of 100% certified organic coffee. Founded in 1998, Muddy Waters is focused on producing the highest quality product for an amazing price for the past 20 years. With only 1 person, we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of every bag Read more...

Customer reviews

Well Balanced
5 / 5
Great! This was my first order from the Spinn Market. Either I was dying to try my first Spinn cup so anything would’ve tasted good, or this was truly a really great roast. I would buy again!
A good dark roast!
5 / 5
This is much better than our last try at a dark roast from SPINN. Much better balanced and not overly bitter like some dark roasts can be. Full body with lots of lingering nutty-earthy tones made this a good buy.