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Springdale, AR

Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene Natural

Onyx Coffee Lab
12 oz
Tropical fruits and subtle winey notes show through this beautiful organic coffee.
2,050 - 2,100 meters
Mikicho, Setami, Heirloom

Notes from the curator

Another late harvest arrival from the prized Shantawene coffee mill in Ethiopia, this time of year, it becomes really hard to find fresh-tasting East Africans, which is why we are so excited to start the new year with this coffee. A natural processed, extremely fruit-dominant cup from the Bombe mountain range. Be sure to check out the washed version of this coffee to explore the range of fermentation.
This is our third year working with Catalyst, as well as buying from the Abore site. Each harvest of coffee has been marked by a perfume-like fragrance that is immediately apparent upon grinding. The aromatics, combined with the sweetness of the coffees, as well as the staggering amount of transparency they provide in regards to what it truly takes to import coffee, makes this coffee from Catalyst Trade one of our favorite releases of the year. Emily and Michael McIntyre, as well as their partner Zele, are three people who are incredibly passionate and dedicated to these coffees. And year after year, this dedication shows. Last year, producers from the Bensa area delivered their best cherries to the Bombe site, where they are then separated and processed. This dedication to producing amazing coffee has led Catalyst to source the entire production (2.5 million kgs of cherries) from the Bombe Abore site. They are extremely involved in the processing and production of these lots. This natural is a screen isolation 13/14, which yields a tighter profile of fruit in the cup, leaning more towards tropical and yellow fruits.

More about Onyx Coffee Lab

Started in 2012 by Jon and Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab strives to find the best possible coffees and roast them to their full potential. In 2017 we won the US Roasters Competition and the US Brewer's Cup Competition. Andrea has come in second in the US Barista Championship two years in a row. Read more...

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