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Springdale, AR

Kenya Gachatha OT-16

Onyx Coffee Lab
12 oz
This coffee showcases incredible acidities and sugars reminiscent of peach, apricot, black currant, & stone fruits.
2,000 - 2,050 meters
SL-28, SL-34
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

This will be our fourth year to carry coffee from the famed wet mill, in the famed coffee region of Nyeri, located in the famed country of Kenya. It's time for Gachatha (Gah - cha - the ) again, and this is the best harvest we have tasted to date. This year's harvest has an incredible texture as well. A creamy, almost velvety mouthfeel shows itself immediately and creates a level of comfort that is extremely unusual in Kenya coffees of this nature.

More about Onyx Coffee Lab

Started in 2012 by Jon and Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab strives to find the best possible coffees and roast them to their full potential. In 2017 we won the US Roasters Competition and the US Brewer's Cup Competition. Andrea has come in second in the US Barista Championship two years in a row. Read more...

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