Rogers, AR

Power Nap - A Half-Caf Blend

Onyx Coffee Lab
10 oz
This cup is silky sweet and reminiscent of ripe peach and cocoa, with a sweet finish of brown sugar.
Ethiopia Heirloom, Castillo , Caturra, Colombia
Washed & Raised-bed Dried, EA Decaffeinated

Notes from the curator

OK, so you need a quick burst of energy, but your bedtime is in three hours. You, my friend, need a POWER NAP. You already love our floral washed Worka from Ethiopia. Well, we blended it with a natural sugar cane process Colombia creating Power Nap. We created this "half-caf" blend just for you, a pre-roast blend of 50% of our beloved Ethiopia Worka and 50% of our Decaf Colombia Huila. It's so tasty; you might just have two cups and stay up past your bedtime...
There’s a perfect point in a nap where you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Power naps are short and to the point, hitting the zone where you get the benefits of sleep without the grogginess. This coffee is like a power nap. You get the uplifting benefits of a nap without having to hang a do not disturb sign on your office door. It's a half-caffeine coffee, a blend of a sugar cane-process Colombia Huila Decaf, and our washed Ethiopia Worka. We pre-roast blend this coffee, to achieve a uniform taste profile. Power Nap is a 50/50 blend of our Colombia Decaf and our Ethiopia Worka in order to achieve the highest possibility of a true half-caf coffee.

Oftentimes a cafe's half-caf coffees are an awkward blend of two different coffees, limiting your chances for a pleasant extraction. This coffee is roasted to be both delicious on filter and espresso, with the best chance of getting a half-caffeine cup of coffee. Gone are the awkward half-caf shots, or limiting your afternoon coffee to a half cup. The only thing that you need to feel awkward about is how sweet and pleasant this coffee tastes.

More about Onyx Coffee Lab

Started in 2012 by Jon and Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab strives to find the best possible coffees and roast them to their full potential. In 2017 we won the US Roasters Competition and the US Brewer's Cup Competition. Andrea has come in second in the US Barista Championship two years in a row. Read more...

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