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Papua New Guinea
2 reviews
Kerrville, TX

Papua New Guinea

$ 21.00
12 oz
16 oz
Origin: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands Farm: Kunjin Co-Op *Grown using indigenous organic farming methods.
1,400 - 1,800 meters
Papua New Guinea
Arusha, Blue Mountain
Waghi Valley
Fully Washed, Sundried

Notes from the curator

Butter toffee, cinnamon and caramel notes rest on mild dried berry fruitiness and an herbal savory backdrop.

Customer reviews

Thanks Randy, great cup!
5 / 5
Randy roasted this Papua NG from Waghi Valley with a variety of Arusha, San Ramon and Blue Mountain and I must say the cup came out beautifully. Very smooth taste, no acidity and all in all a great coffee. I liked the details provided on the bag, and speedy delivery. A+
A Supreme Cup of Coffee
5 / 5
I got my first pound of Purissimo and have fallen in love with this medium blend. The roast is a wonderfully inviting aroma with a faint scent of chocolate and herbs when you smell it. Once you brew a cup, you know you're in for something special. The coffee just fills your taste buds with slight hints of toffee, and caramel with a very slight hint chocolate that gives it a touch of sweetness. The taste coffee goes down very smoothly and leaves you wanting another sip and this medium blend earns it's roasting level. It's not too strong but not so weak you wonder if you're drinking coffee. One of the really cool things about getting this coffee was that it was freshly roasted the same day I ordered it, and manually prepared by Randy specifically for me. The bag came with a sticker describing the name Purissimo, when it was roasted and by who with my name hand written on it. Absolutely a wonderful cup of coffee that will be added to my must have blends going forward!