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Mead, CO


Redemption Road Coffee
16 oz
Traded fairly, farmed naturally Full body, bold, smoky, earthy
4,000 - 5,000 feet
Jagong District
Kopi Wanita

Notes from the curator

This lot comes from the female members of the cooperative Kopi Wanita, which is a part of a larger grower group called Koptan Gayo Maegan Berseri.
Agriculture is the primary source of income for most people in the area, and many single mothers rely on profits from their coffee to support their families! The profits of this coffee go towards education and

More about Redemption Road Coffee

When you buy a freshly roasted bag of Redemption Road Coffee, you’re not just buying good coffee…
You're supporting a cause.
You're supporting individual hardworking families all across the globe.
You're supporting a mission to help people live more authentically both emotionally and spiritually. Read more...

Customer reviews

5 / 5
I chose Redemption Road at first because my money would be going to support a ministry that helps people in their spiritual lives. But there coffee has turned out to be delicious too. I love Sumatra beans previous to having a Spinn Coffee maker. These beans are oily though. I normally like oily beans but in a Spinn machine I have to push them close to the grinder with my hand every few cups just to make sure they are sliding into the grinder. I am going to try a medium roast from Redemption road to see if they slide any better in the hopper by themselves. Conclusion: beans are delicious but if you buy them you may have to manually help the bean hopper from time to time.
Very good coffee at a great value
5 / 5
I’ve been going through and sampling different offerings in the Spinn marketplace and landed on this one a couple weeks ago. Let me just say that it’s the first coffee I’ve sampled where I went back for a second bag and could see this being a staple in my rotation. The roast is nice and dark with a fantastic aroma. There is just enough oil that it starts to stick to my grinder but doesn’t clog it up. I tend to like a more oily, dark coffee bean so this is a plus in my book. The taste is just about where I prefer it. While it is a dark brew, it’s not overpowering or too bitter (at least for my tastes). There’s just enough bite that it lets you know you’re drinking a full bodied coffee. Very pleased with this one!
Good to the last drop in my cup.
5 / 5
This is a no-nonsense dark coffee. We love it! It is well balanced through to the after-taste. You go through a craving moment as you consider making another cup.
Good but not top drawer
4 / 5
On opening the bag I knew this would be a good-tasting coffee: nice dark beans with a sheen of oil, which are two things I look for. The aroma of the beans showed promise as well. This excellent aroma was even more pronounced after grinding. After brewing, the coffee had lost a bit of its promise though it still smelled great. It was only after I tasted the brew that I noticed a bitter hint above what I usually prefer. Since that first cup I have thoroughly enjoyed my daily mugs of this bean. This coffee is heartily recommended. [Please note that I am not the sort who can distinguish among the various shadings of coffee flavor such as smoke, caramel, etc. so I don't comment on those subtleties.]