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Glendale, CA

Bourbon Barrel Aged Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe

Regent Coffee
12 oz
We choose specialty grade, single origin coffee beans with profiles that perfectly coordinate with the whiskey aroma.
1,800 - 2,000 meters
Ethiopian Heriloom
Fully Washed, Barrel Aged

Notes from the curator

Washed processed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe features a classic citrus-like, fruity flavor, with sweet osmanthus floral aroma and a black tea molasses finish. The way to control the strength of the whiskey was to let the aroma and flavor meld together, creating an old fashioned drink, that's not overpowering. Like sipping a glass of whiskey, but without the inebriation. A delightful cup of specialty coffee with whisky tones.
The brew method preferred is pour-over, hot. The result: a clean cup with accessible flavor layers that linger in your mouth and nose, with that overall note of whiskey.

More about Regent Coffee

From humble beginnings leaving their home and careers behind in China to pursue the American dream, coffee sparked the imagination. Owner and roaster Leon, his wife Di, and daughter are the heart of Regent Coffee in Glendale, California. Read more...

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