Shreveport, LA

Fairtrade Papau New Guinea Okapa

Rhino Coffee
12 oz
Look no further for your go-to brew for morning/noon/night (ya,go ahead and drink that evening cuppa!)!
1,600 - 2,200 meters
Eastern Highlands
Typica, Arusha, Mundo Novo
South Foreh
Roots #1 Cooperative

Notes from the curator

It's a customer (and barista) FAV and we've always got some PNG brewing at our cafes! Our PNG is from Okapa (Eastern Highlands) and has soft notes of bergamot and praline overtones, with a nice medium-acidity. Pro tip: Try our PNG as a french-press for a fuller body!

More about Rhino Coffee

Rhino Coffee prides itself on ethical sourcing, quality roasting, and diligent training. We source our green coffee from all across the world through a relationship with an independent fine specialty importer. What is our process like? We look for farms with high quality coffee beans and safe working conditions for their workers. We are Fairtrade certified! Read more...

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