State College, PA

Bear Meadows - Dark Roast

Rothrock Coffee
12 oz
Bear Meadows highlights the approachable chocolate, nut, and spice flavors
Colombia, Brazil
Huila, Cerrado Minero
Rodrigo Sanchez

Notes from the curator

Bear Meadows is popular auto-drip option for those looking for a smooth and approachable everyday cup of coffee.
We recommend starting with a brew ratio of 60 grams of coffee for every liter of water, and adjusting the dose to taste in small increments (+ or - 3 grams at a time).
Under extraction will lead to slightly tart cup that provides a sharp unbalanced finish, while over extraction will yield an overly earthy, “one-note,” coffee that lacks sweetness.

More about Rothrock Coffee

Rothrock Coffee is located in the heart of Pennsylvania, in the town of State College. We are driven by the community and our goal is the highest quality coffee possible we can bring to them.  Read more...

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