Dayton, OH

Yesso! Espresso Decaf

Rich, smooth and balanced, with sweet notes of dark chocolate, strawberries and dried cherries.
Colombia, Ethiopia
Colombia, Colombian, Ethiopia, Ethiopian
Decaffeinated: Swiss Water Process

Notes from the curator

Never say no to espresso again. Say “Yesso!” to our delicious decaffeinated espresso that packs all of the bold, in-your-face flavor of a traditional shot, without any of the caffeine. Savor the sweet notes of dark chocolate, fresh strawberries and dried cherries with your favorite dessert, or drink it in the morning for a sweet start to your day! Because super high-quality espresso calls for celebration. And when it’s a decaf roast without the jitters, what’s not to love?

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Savorista crafts astonishingly delicious decaf and half caf
coffee. Our variety of caffeine conscious coffees enables coffee
lovers to savor the comfort of coffee anytime, without the impact of too much caffeine. Read more...

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