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Asheville, NC

Gatakuza Lot 13 - Ngozi - Burundi

South Slope Coffee
12 oz
5 lb
A magnificent lot from Gatakuza with a medium body and lots of sweetness and clarity. Tastes like brown sugar and orange
1,658 meters
Therence Nduwayezu

Notes from the curator

This coffee comes from a producer Therence Nduwayezu owner of Gatukuza Washing Station. He is a producing neighbor of Long Miles Coffee Project.
2019 marked the year of big changes for Gatukuza: It was the first year they produced day lots. These changes obviously paid off as it also happened to be the first year their fully washed coffee won first place at Burundi’s annual Cup Of Excellence competition! This lot called 13 means that it was picked on the 13th day

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