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Omaha, NE

Espresso Blend

Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee
8 oz
True espresso blend, bold sweet and complex.

Notes from the curator

Taste Profile: A truly great espresso blend. We found the right combination that blends the boldness of our Kenya Bright with the sweetness of the Guatemala Santa Maria and combined them with our Kenya Deep for complexity.
Blend of 3 single origin coffees. Kenya Bright for the boldness. Guatemala Las Plantas for the sweet and Kenya Deep for complexity

More about Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee

We will pursue excellence,seeking quality over price and taste over convenience. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of the superb cup of coffee. We will tirelessly seek out the coffees that will amaze your taste buds. Devotion to rigid standards and quality control will be our company’s lifestyle. Read more...

Customer reviews

Espresso on point
5 / 5
Perfect cup of espresso with my french press travel mug. No bitterness, strong but smooth.
Perfect Espresso Blend!
5 / 5
Truly delightful in my french press, pour over and regular brewer. Low acidity makes it heaven.