Shirley, NY

Decaf Pull Espresso Blend, Certified Organic, 16oz

Tend Coffee
1 lb
The mountain water decaf version of our PULL espresso blend, chocolaty smooth with hints of caramel and maple syrup.

Notes from the curator

Well balanced and all around work horse. Although this blend of Central American coffees is meant to be front and center in your latte or cappuccino it’s also fantastic as a straight shot or brewed coffee. Blended specifically to have low acidity and a creamy mouth feel it pairs particularly well with cinnamon, nuts & biscotti.

More about Tend Coffee

Are you looking for consistently beautiful coffee that has been roasted in an environmentally responsible way? Then read on! A lot like the lifeguard stand on the shores above, when working with some of the best coffees on the planet our main job is to watch over them with care. This is the very meaning of Tend. Read more...

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