Decaf Special Prep, Certified Organic, 16oz
2 reviews
Shirley, NY

Decaf Special Prep, Certified Organic, 16oz

Tend Coffee
1 lb
A blend of naturally decaffeinated coffee beans roasted until they are smooth dark and sturdy.

Notes from the curator

Originally blended for a Hampton’s restaurant as the counterpoint to their stunning deserts. This blend is so successful we decided to make it available anytime! FYI - *Special Prep. is the attention grabbing phrase used on the dupes that a professional kitchen receives to note a customized dish. What better name for a custom blended coffee served at the best restaurants?

More about Tend Coffee

Are you looking for consistently beautiful coffee that has been roasted in an environmentally responsible way? Then read on! A lot like the lifeguard stand on the shores above, when working with some of the best coffees on the planet our main job is to watch over them with care. This is the very meaning of Tend. Read more...

Customer reviews

Good Coffee but does not play well with Spinn machine.
4 / 5
Good decaf coffee but beans are oily. Oily beans stick together and don’t feed into grinder in the Spinn machine. I have to stir with spatula each day.
5 / 5
Delicious. Full bodied. Smooth. Great as a cappuccino or coffee.