Birdsboro, PA

Breakfast Blend

The Reading Coffee Company
A Colombian-based medium roast coupled with a sprinkle of dark roast for a rich, balanced and smooth taste.
Colombia, Brazil
Colombian, Brazilian

Notes from the curator

This offering encompasses flavors with a combination of mellow acidity and rich caramel.

More about The Reading Coffee Company

Founded in 1989, for over three decades, we have endeavored to perfect our methods and to cultivate relationships with leading producers. Our commitment to medium roasted coffee stems from a desire to maximize the natural potential of the beans, to develop complex, full-bodied flavors. Read more...

Customer reviews

not great
2 / 5
5 / 5
A smooth, easy to drink blend that is perfect for your daily cup. Beans are fresh and provide a nice crema! Highly recommended.
not this one
2 / 5
Did not appreciate this one, seemed bitter to us using Spinn recipe.