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Raleigh, NC

'The Summit' Premium Dark Roast

Peak Roasters Coffee Co.
1 lb
This is an excellent coffee! Roasted to FC+ so you’ll get the bitterness of a darker bean, but great flavors as well.

Notes from the curator

The Summit – Premium Dark Roast, PRCC’s newest signature roast. The Summit is roasted very carefully so you’ll get the bitterness of a darker bean, but because of the way we roast it you will still get great flavors throughout your cup. This was created with you in mind; you ask – you receive. It’s time to Start The Ascent with this excellent coffee!

More about Peak Roasters Coffee Co.

Peak Roasters Coffee Co. is a micro-roastery specializing in quality coffees from around the world. We roast-to-order and offer various single-origin coffees, our very own espresso blend composed of three unique origins, and other great signature roasts. Read more...

Customer reviews

Love Peak Roasters
5 / 5
Their dark roast bean offers a deep, rich, nutty flavor. If you like a cup of coffee that is more like a large espresso, you are going to love this dark roast. Cheers.
Great beans
5 / 5
Just love these.
The aroma provides a great preview
5 / 5
Even before opening the coffee bag, the wonderful aroma wafted out of the shipping box, offering a preview of an excellent brew. I wasn't disappointed as I soon enjoyed a full flavored cup of coffee. The beans weren't as oily as I expected but that wasn't a factor. If you enjoy the taste of a dark roast, The Summit is strongly recommended.
Nice dark roast
5 / 5
A balanced dark roast, smooth and not too bitter. Wonderful freshly roasted coffee aroma on opening box