Italian Roast
2 reviews
Tulsa, OK

Italian Roast

Topeca Coffee Roasters
Classic roast, robust and rich.
900 - 1,000 meters; 1,100 - 1,100 meters
Brazil, El Salvador
Red Bourbon, Pacas, Yellow Bourbon
Espirto Santo do Pinhal , Santa Ana
Emilio Lopez Diaz
Fully Washed, Pulped Natural

Notes from the curator

Our darkest roast, this blend harmonizes caramelized roast flavors on top of the sweet, chocolaty character of our coffees from Finca Ayutepeque and Fazenda Santana. If you new to our coffee, and are used to larger commercial brands or just prefer darker roasts in general, this is a great place to start. This coffee offers a bold intensity of roast aroma and flavor, yet with a smooth finish that won't linger.
This is also a great coffee to use for classic European style espresso.

More about Topeca Coffee Roasters

Vertically-integrated coffee company based in Tulsa, OK. Family owned since 1850. Topeca owns two award winning farms, Fincas Ayuteqpeque and el Manzano in El Salvador, where they source much of their coffee. Topeca is also home to the 2018 U.S. Roaster Champion.  Read more...

Customer reviews

Great Flavor
5 / 5
I ordered this brand and roast to use with my Spinn Coffee maker and found it fantastic. I like dark roast coffee,however it plainly stated that this a medium dark roasted coffee. It is great with no bitterness. I also is labeled for it wine like qualities. I will be buying again.
Would not order again
2 / 5
My husband, the black coffee drinker in our family, prefers dark roast Italian and/or French roasts. He described it as having a winey flavor, which is not a plus in our world, even though we both like wine. We’ll give this one away to less picky coffee drinkers.