Tulsa, OK

Thunder Cloud

Topeca Coffee Roasters
Medium Dark blend with a bold and complex flavor profile.
Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra
Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopia Heirloom, Sigarautang

Notes from the curator

Born during the Oklahoma storm season, Thunder Cloud is a more complex and contemplative companion to our milder Italian Roast that has been a customer favorite since the beginning. In this blend, we mix together rich Brazilian yellow bourbon with the fruity notes of fruit-dried Ethiopian heirloom and spicy Sumatran cultivars. Roasted to second crack, Thunder Cloud lives up to its name offering a bold roast-forward flavor profile with a cacophonous complexity of aromas.

More about Topeca Coffee Roasters

Vertically-integrated coffee company based in Tulsa, OK. Family owned since 1850. Topeca owns two award winning farms, Fincas Ayuteqpeque and el Manzano in El Salvador, where they source much of their coffee. Topeca is also home to the 2018 U.S. Roaster Champion.  Read more...

Customer reviews

Topeca Thunder Cloud
3 / 5
I purchased this as a recommendation via Spinn after taking the quiz. To me, this has a nice flavor but seems to be a bit acidic to me. I think the Spinn recipes need to be adjusted. I began playing with them a bit and had better results, but other coffees I've been trying fit my tastes better. Just my opinion as we all have different tastes. I drank this black as coffee, Americano, and espresso. Americanos came out the best.