Tulsa, OK

Zingo Espresso

Topeca Coffee Roasters
Named after a historical Tulsa roller-coaster, this blend is sure to excite the senses.
900 - 1,000 meters; 2,000 - 2,200 meters
Brazil, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Heriloom, Yellow Bourbon
Santa Ana, Guji
Emilio Lopez Diaz, Kayon Mt. Farm
Pulped Natural, Natural

Notes from the curator

A playful blend of rich chocolaty Brazilian coffee from our partner farm Santana, and a healthy dose of fruity sweet Ethiopian natural from Guji. We've named this blend in memory of Tulsa's once beloved wooden roller coaster, which used to thrill and delight so many over 2 generations until Bell's Amusement Park's ultimate and unfair demise in 2006.

More about Topeca Coffee Roasters

Vertically-integrated coffee company based in Tulsa, OK. Family owned since 1850. Topeca owns two award winning farms, Fincas Ayuteqpeque and el Manzano in El Salvador, where they source much of their coffee. Topeca is also home to the 2018 U.S. Roaster Champion.  Read more...

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