Shot Tower Espresso
2 reviews
Dubuque, IA

Shot Tower Espresso

Delicately dark roast with a smooth yet sharp character, full-bodied, with a sweet and creamy complexity.
Sumatra, Brazil, El Salvador
Fully Washed, Natural, Semi-Washed

Notes from the curator

We have selected several different beans from Central America, South America and Indonesia for this espresso blend to make a unique and nuanced flavor profile. Great for espressos, it also makes a fantastic drip coffee or pour over coffee with its balance of flavor, aroma, and unique tasting notes.


Verena Street Coffee is named after the quiet neighborhood nestled in the Mississippi River valleys of Dubuque, Iowa where we grew up. Five houses lined this street and our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were our only neighbors. Read more...

Customer reviews

A Unique Dark Roast!
5 / 5
I really enjoyed these coffee beans in the Spinn machine. Amazing how versatile it is, makes a unique flavorful coffee and a tasty espresso and robust cold brew. Gets five stars because it’s unique and is again, so versatile. An enjoyable dark roast!
Good espresso but jams hopper
4 / 5
First, these beans pull very good espresso from the Spinn. The espresso is rich, with a very good crema. Dark roasts in general get jammed in the hopper or mechanism of burr grinders, and we’ve had this problem with our grinder before. These definitely will jam in the Spinn, and we hadn’t had problems with our prior beans but started having this right away with these beans. Unfortunately, the Spinn will just make a cup of basically water. It seems so far like opening the lid and making sure that beans are flowing into the chute on the front left of the hopper mostly manages this. Just make sure to do it often. These are our first dark espresso beans from the market - so I don’t know how unique this is to the bean, but if we can mess with the hopper and get it working, these are good beans.