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Las Vegas, NV

Cauca Colombia - EA Decaf

Vesta Coffee Roasters
12 oz
Tasting Notes: Ripe Fruit, Agave, Graham
Decaffeinated - Ethyl Acetate

Notes from the curator

Hands down the BEST decaf coffee we have ever tasted! True specialty decaf coffee.
Sugarcane or ethyl acetate (EA) processing, also known as natural decaffeination, starts by fermenting sugar cane to create ethanol. This is then mixed with acetic acid, to create ethyl acetate.
In Colombia, where sugar cane is readily available, it makes great economic sense to use this plentiful resource to complement the coffee industry. EA is also found in wine, beer, fruit, vegetables, and other food and b

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At Vesta Coffee Roasters, we strive to source beautiful specialty coffees from around the world. Highlighting exceptional producers, while working with trusted exporters, importers, and sometimes, the farmers directly.  Read more...

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