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Las Vegas, NV

Goose Bumps Espresso

Vesta Coffee Roasters
12 oz
Goosebumps Espresso blend is our flagship blend!
Fully Washed, Natural, Pulped Natural

Notes from the curator

Consisting of a Washed Central America, a Natural Process African coffee, and a touch of Sumatra. Blended to have a great thick body, balanced acidity, with notes of chocolate, graham, cherry, and marshmallow.
All of the components for this blend are sold as single origin coffees as well. We do not skimp, or source lower grade components. We believe that quality ingredients form the best product!

More about Vesta Coffee Roasters

At Vesta Coffee Roasters, we strive to source beautiful specialty coffees from around the world. Highlighting exceptional producers, while working with trusted exporters, importers, and sometimes, the farmers directly.  Read more...

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