youngstown, OH


Youngstown Coffee Company
16 oz
Great for breakfast or after dinner with your favorite medium bodied cigar.
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

A medium-dark roast, with a full, rich bodied cup. A blend that is high in flavor with notes of chocolate and caramel that shine through in this well balanced coffee.

More about Youngstown Coffee Company

It’s been 20 years, as a family, in pursuit of the greatest coffees from around the globe. But what was passion, is now our craft. These single origin beans and hand crafted blends represent our dedication, our love & our hard work placed in every step of that journey.  Read more...

Customer reviews

I think there has been a mistake.
1 / 5
The Youngstown ad says medium dark roast. Mine arrived without a hint of dark and were way under roasted. Worst coffee I have ever had in 73 years. There must have been some mistake. I double checked with my wife who will drink most anything coffee and she gagged. Sorry.