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The history of coffee spans centuries.

Originating in Ethiopia in the 11th Century, coffee quickly spun around the world to become the most consumed beverage (except for water, one of its key ingredients and the stuff of life).

Today, approximately ⅔ of the world’s population consume coffee - some as an indulgence, others as a daily ritual, or a must-have form of fuel. Coffee connects people around the world, and what connects them to it is a thirst for high-quality coffee made on their terms, to their taste. The drive for convenience, however, spawned an era of super-fast brewed “coffee”, such as K-Cups. The ‘crushed stuff’ that is modern coffee comes with serious costs, however: to taste; to tradition; and to the environment.


Coffee roasters around the world - those that follow centuries of coffee tradition and have dedicated their lives to roasting as a craft - we’re growing increasingly frustrated with the rise of brewing systems that were failing to deliver on their promise to coffee lovers. At the same time, we knew that the rise of the maker culture and the rising consumer demand for authentic crafstmanship was not being addressed by coffee manufacturers.

Mass-produced machines that produce coffee from bean ‘mash’ seek volume - the more brewed coffee, the more money they make. That’s why they defaulted to a limited set of default brewing settings that use portioned ‘coffee’ made for a closed brewing system. The result: consumers were forced to trade convenience for taste, freedom of choice, and a lot of waste.

Global trends were converging, and demand was on the rise for a better, smarter, craft-brewed coffee.

The opportunity was clear, and the team got to work. We created Spinn Coffee with the belief that high quality coffee need not sacrifice convenience; and that convenience need not be bad for you, your taste buds, or the planet. Our mission was to reimagine coffee for the connected age, and the discerning coffee lover. We were driven by a passion to create high-quality, bean-brewed coffee, crafted smartly with customizable convenience. All at the touch of a button – whether the consumer uses the sleek interface of the Spinn brewing system, or from wherever they are through the Spinn app.


Our multi-patented centrifugal brewing technology breaks these trade-offs for coffee lovers around the world. As new connected technologies and new production methods became available, the conditions became possible to create Spinn and usher in a new era of coffee. Our progressive design also uses state of the art materials and world-className manufacturing methods; but what sets Spinn truly apart is that we built our brewing system with both the roaster and consumer at the center of our design process. The Spinn centrifugal core uses roasted whole beans that can be brewed to perfection because it is designed to create the taste precisely how the growers and roasters envisioned.

Our platform and digital marketplace is the first of its kind, giving consumers direct access to the craftsmen behind the beans. Spinn honors and enables the craft of coffee. Co-created by roasters, consumers, baristas, and the global conscientious className, Spinn embodies the values that drove the spread of coffee from the 11th century to today. Spinn has connected the global network of coffee farmers, roasters, tasters, makers, and consumers. By creating a platform that links growing to roasting, brewing to tasting, we are able to deliver on the promise of the highest-quality coffee, every time. - we welcome you to join us on our quest to always Spinn the perfect coffee – for you, and the planet.

By honoring the traditions that spread coffee around the world, we can usher in a new era, together.


Bean power is the promise behind every perfectly roasted coffee bean- a promise of quality, commitment, and fulfillment. It is a promise usually only brought to life in the hands of a skilled barista. Spinn allows you to summon the Bean Power from every last coffee bean. Start your day with quality and get the best out of your coffee.


Our commitment to make better coffee and to make coffee better has shaped who we are today. We believe that a convenient cup of coffee should not require wasteful or unsustainable habits. Spinn uses whole beans and leaves only dried grounds in the waste bin. There is no mess to clean, no coffee filters or pods to dispose of, and no guilt from wasteful habits.


Spinn is an intelligent coffee making platform capable of extraordinary control and variability. Because the machine is Wi-Fi connected, it can learn, track, and communicate with you. Use Spinn to unlock the flavors of your most unique roasts. Save your preferences and you can always come back to that perfect cup.

The future of convenient coffee

Spinn brings a superior coffee experience into the comforts of your home. This single machine is capable of making a wide range of coffee styles. Whether you want a carafe of coffee for four or a quick shot of espresso Spinn makes what you want right when you want it. Just select your preferred coffee style and enjoy.


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