Remote Control

Remote control

In addition to the machine’s control, the App gives you access to a whole world beyond the touch display. You can unlock and control brewing parameters. This gives you the power to customize your preferences and save them for future use. We believe that freedom of choice and total control will lead to a better coffee experience. The remote control aspect of the App serves as another layer of convenience in the Spinn experience. Imagine ordering any style of coffee from the comfort of your bed, and finding it freshly made and ready to go.

Coffee Community

From home users to professional roasters, anyone can share their unique take on their favorite coffee. Spinn is all about bringing people together to share their love of coffee.

Coffee Community
Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent alerts

Spinn is designed to communicate with the user. From routine maintenance tips to updates about your automatic order, Spinn is with you throughout your entire coffee experience.

Machine status

There is no mystery with Spinn. The App and machine tell you what is happening as it is happening. Watch as the machine runs through its pre-set brewing sequence, or take control and try your own! With Spinn, you have ultimate control.

Machine Status
Automatic Ordering

Automatic ordering

Spinn can automatically order coffee when it senses you are running low. Once you create your Auto-Order Coffee List and choose your favorite beans from the roasters on our market, Spinn will take care of the rest. By turning on automatic ordering you will never have to worry about coffee again. You can update your Auto-Order Coffee List at any time. It’s like a playlist for your coffee orders! You can also use any bean in the Spinn Coffee Maker, without automatic reordering set up.

Coffee Market

The Spinn app allows you to explore, browse, and discover coffees from a curated set of coffee roasters. We have teamed up with our favorite roasters across the US to bring you the best coffee freshly delivered to your doorstep. Do you know a local roaster you want to be part of the Spinn Market so you can order their beans? Let them or us know, and we’ll make it happen.

Coffee Market

A coffee community

For the love of coffee, we provide a platform where roasters, baristas, coffee lovers and caffeine junkies can come together to share knowledge, exchange recipes, best practices and everything coffee. Help us build a community that is all about Java!



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