Frequently Asked

From whole bean to cup.


What is Spinn?

Spinn is a new way to experience your daily cup of coffee. By using sensors, innovative engineering, and Wi-Fi connectivity, Spinn is able to manage every moment and function of the coffee creation process. Spinn works to learn your preferences and also give roasters the ability to set specific recipe plans for their beans. Spinn is more than just another coffee machine; it is an opportunity to experience guilt free quality and freedom of choice from the convenience of home.

What can I make with Spinn?

You can brew whatever you like, however you like it, and whenever you want it! From Espresso, Americano, Lungo, to pour-over - you have ultimate control over your coffee.

What is Specialty Coffee?

When we talk about speciality coffee, each step of the process is handled with the best possible care and knowledge. And not just that. The people who work at the coffee farms are professionals, their working conditions are respectful and they get fair pay. One flaw and the word 'speciality' no longer has meaning. This is why the majority of coffee consumed around the world is regular - they just cannot meet these ethical and qualitative standards.

Do I need any special equipment or speciality coffee?

No, with Spinn you can use your existing cups, mugs and carafes. Spinn provides you with a connected app with curated coffee roasters. The Spinn machine has built in sensors that can automatically order coffee from the roasters that you have added to your bean-list in the Spinn-app. You can use any type of coffee bean in the reservoir, however the machine will have limited functionalities around automatic ordering, notifications and recipe downloads when using coffee beans from roasters that are not in the Spinn app.

How is Spinn Coffee different from other coffee makers?

Spinn is different in its design, philosophy, and experience. The secret to the design is the highly efficient centrifugal brewing core. Carefully controlled settings allow this self-cleaning machine to make a wide variety of coffee styles. Spinn believes that you should always be able to choose how you will enjoy your coffee.

What kind of software do I need to use Spinn Coffee?

Spinn can be used as a stand alone machine. The touch display on the front of the machine lets you choose from a variety of settings.

To unlock the true potential within the machine download the app from the App store. You can also access the marketplace here.

the app

Can I use the machine without the app?

Yes you can! The touch display can be used to cycle through the various brewing options.

Can I use the app without the machine?

Yes you can! The app features a whole marketplace full of artisan roasters. You can order roasts from your neighborhood shop and beyond.

How do I install the app?

Visit the App store and download the Spinn Coffee app.

Is it available to download?

Yes it is! The app is available for iOS, we are working on the Android version.

Can my entire family use the Spinn Coffee maker?

Currently, you are able to connect to a Spinn coffee maker using a number of devices with the Spinn app installed. You must use the same login information to be able to establish a successful connection.

iOS and Android devices allow for multiple logins using the same login information. You are now also able to connect multiple machines to a single account.

Can I use the Spinn Coffee maker in my office?

Spinn can be used anywhere! However, it is intended for residential use (or small offices).

How do I set up a subscription account?

Create your Spinn profile here. Every machine comes with at least $50 of coffee credit, so try it out! Set up your Auto-Order Coffee List and Spinn will automatically order more beans before you run out. Spinn makes sure you are always prepared to enjoy coffee just the way you like it.

How convenient is it?

Spinn is all about convenience. When you need that espresso shot within 20 seconds, Spinn has you covered! Don’t worry about cleaning up- we have that covered as well.

Is Spinn Original and Spinn Original Pro easy to use?

We have streamlined our software and hardware for simple and easy operation. If you want to go beyond the simple functions, the app will feature a Coffee Nerd function. This advanced Coffee Nerd portion of the app will allow you to adjust any of the 7 core brewing functions. You can become the conductor of your own coffee symphony!

What if I don’t know much about coffee?

That’s OK! A panel of roasters and experts carefully select the standard settings for you. Spinn coffee machines adjusts the brewing parameters automatically to match your selection. If you know how you like your coffee, Spinn knows how to make it. Even if you don’t, Spinn will help you find out.

spinn coffee maker

Does the machine only work with whole beans?

Yes, the machine requires roasted whole beans. By grinding the whole beans immediately before brewing Spinn is able to unleash the Bean Power and get you the best possible result.

How does the Spinn grind the whole beans?

Our steel conical burr grinder automatically adjusts the coarseness to match the style of coffee you choose. This professional grade coffee maker is designed to grind with precision over the lifetime of the machine.

the brewer

What is a centrifugal brewer and how does it work?

Centrifugal brewing is a new brewing technology employing centrifugal forces. Centrifugal force is an apparent force acting outward from the axis of rotation. Centrifugal brewing allows the machine to vary with water, coffee ground and rotation speed to serve any coffee style in one single design. For each coffee style 8 coffee extraction parameters are variable and can be set by the consumer himself or remotely by the coffee roaster to achieve the personal taste profile. The centrifugal brewer chamber has an automatic self cleaning scraper to remove the dry spinned coffee residue from its brewer to clean the chamber for the next serving without human interaction. Spinn uses roasted whole beans and a built-in adjustable burr grinder for the desired grinder grid into the centrifugal brewer to serve each coffee style.

What are Brewing Parameters?

Based on the digital recipe scanned from Spinn Marketplace beans, the brewing parameters are automatically adjusted. In addition to this, users are able to adjust the amount of coffee and water per serving.

How does the cleaning of the brewer work?

At the end of the brewing cycle the RPM of the centrifugal core increases to remove all water in the coffee grind to make the residu dry. The brewer chamber moves the built-in scraper ring downwards inside the brewer, the bottompart opens, and the scraper ring pushes out the dry residue at low RPM. The bottompart closes and the brewer is ready for the next serving.

Centrifugal Brewer Serving Process

  1. Grinded coffee with the desired grinder grid is suspended into the slowly rotating brewing mixing chamber.
  2. The coffee grind is divided equally over the meshfilter surface in the mixing chamber ready for optimal extraction.
  3. Water in the desired volume, pre-infusion and temperature is suspended into the slowly rotating brewer mixing chamber.
  4. The extraction of the coffee starts when in contact with water without pressure.
    The mixture is not yet high enough to flow out of the mixing chamber.
  5. The mixing chamber rotation increases. The coffee water mixture forms a homogene layer on the meshfilter surface.
  6. The holes in the permanent filter are so small that the mixture will not flow through the filter right away. This enables to determine the contact time of the mixture at a constant rotating speed that will vary for the different coffee styles.
  7. The rotation speed increases further and water in the mixture will be pressed by the force against the coffee particles to pass through the meshfilter.
  8. The extracted coffee pressed through the meshfilter runs through nozzles to create backpressure at high rotation speeds for fine grind espresso style coffees. For drip coffee style the mixing chamber rotates at lower speeds and the nozzles will have no backpressure function which is not neccessary for this coffee style.
  9. The coffee extraction runs after passing the nozzles into the gutter and flows via the dispensing spout into the cup.
  10. The rotation speed of the mixing chamber increases further up and all the water is forced out of the coffee residu to make it as dry as possible.
  11. The rotation speed slows down. The bottom of the mixing chamber opens in downward direction and the coffee scraper ring sweeps during this downward direction along the filter and removes the coffee residu from the mixing chamber into the waste container.
  12. The rotation speed increases with an open mixing chamber to ensure all coffee residu will be removed.
  13. The mixing chamber closes and stops rotating. The centrifugal mixing chamber is ready for the next serving.
  14. In case of serving a caraff of coffee the mixing chamber repeats the servings sequentually.

the water container

How many servings can I make with a full water reservoir?

Between 10 servings of 8oz drip coffee and 25 servings of 2oz espresso’s

How much does the water reservoir hold?

The water container holds 0.45 gallon /1.7 liters

How do I know the water container is empty?

Spinn has a sensor monitoring the water level. You will be alerted on both the app and the appliance’s display.

How do I fill up the water reservoir?

The Original and Original Plus have a removeable water reservoir at the back of the machine. Simply remove it and hold it under your tap and place it back on the machine. The water reservoir can also be filled with water when docked to the machine. Simply open the top lid and poor in the water with a carafe or jug. The Original Pro has a plumbing connection from the water reservoir.

How can I connect my machine to a water supply line?

Only the Original Pro machines comes with a special switch to connect your coffee maker to an existing water supply line. The Original and Original Plus don’t.

How long is the technical life cycle of the Spinn Coffee maker?

The machine is engineered for a lifetime of 5 years with 5000+ quality coffee servings. Our food safe and industrial grade components are made for continual use.

the water filter

What does the water filter do?

The Intenza water filter cartridges take out chlorine and filter metals, such as lead and copper. It reliably reduces carbonate hardness of your water.

What are my benefits using the Intenza water filter?

  • Improves smell, taste and appearance of your coffee.
  • Protection of appliance against limescale build-up.
  • Lower return rates.
  • Increased lifetime of your machine.

When do I need to replace the water filter?

This depends the water quality in your area and the coffee consumption over time. The Intenza average life time is 2 Months or 250 Cups. In your account settings you can order a new filter automatically. You can enter the data in your app with the home water tester that comes with the machine. The machine will give you a notification on your app when it’s time to replace the water filter for a consistent quality and they can be delivered always on time automatically to your doorstep.

How can I replace the filter?

Turn the water filter in the water container 90 degrees anti-clockwise and remove. Place the new water filter in the position holes in the water container and turn 90 degrees clockwise.

Where do I buy the filter?

The proprietary water filter can be ordered online with the app and on the site

Are Spinn water filters recyclable?

Yes, Spinn water filters are recyclable. We recommend blue bin disposable of your water filter.

bean reservoir

What is the capacity of the Spinn Original bean reservoir?

The Spinn Original and Spinn Original Plus bean reservoir can hold up to 17.6oz / 500gram.

How do I clean the bean reservoir?

The bean reservoir only needs to be periodically cleaned. Switch off the machine, and clean with a dry cloth to remove any built up oils.

How do I know when to refill the bean reservoir?

Spinn has a sensor measuring the bean level inside the reservoir. You will be alerted on the app. You can also see if the beans are about to run out through the transparent window.

Will I damage the machine when the bean reservoir runs out of beans?

Due to our automatic ordering we will make sure you never run out of beans, but in case this does happen the machine won’t get damaged.

How does the automatic ordering work?

There is a sensor inside the bean reservoir that notifies you via the app when beans are running low. The app can also notify you about ordering new beans. You can pre-program the app to order beans automatically. Say no to coffee down time!

How long will the beans stay fresh inside the bean reservoir?

The lid reduces the amount of air to enter the reservoir but it does not make it airtight close the reservoir permanent. Due to this we advise you not to keep beans in the reservoir longer than 2 weeks.

Spinn is designed to bring the freshness out of you whole bean coffee. The hopper holds the average amount of coffee needed for your household use. If you only occasionally use your Spinn Original, consider only filling the Bean Reservoir half way.

the grinder

What kind of grinder does Spinn use?

Spinn uses an FDA approved conical burr grinder with DC motor. Its supply rate in fine mode is 1.0 grams/sec and in coarse mode Is 3.0 grams/sec. The hardened steel grinder is fully automatic and adjustable through theapp. The grind result of the average particle size is between 240 and 1150 micron, and accommodates any coffee style with 95% accuracy.

Can I use pre-ground coffee?

Spinn has a built in grinder that grinds fresh whole beans. We don't support pre-ground coffee (whole beans are fresher too).

used coffee grounds

Are the used coffee grounds really dry after the brewing process?

The centrifugal core forces all the water to pass completely through the coffee grounds. This efficient process fully extracts water and moisture from the centrifugal core. As a result, the spent coffee grounds are dry to the touch and ready to be evenly sprinkled around your garden.

How often do I need to empty the used coffee container?

Because the coffee grounds are dry to the touch after brewing, the used coffee container can hold multiple servings before needing to be emptied. The waste container should at least be emptied each time you add fresh beans or water.

How do I clean the used coffee container?

The used coffee grounds container can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

How do I know the used coffee container is full?

Spinn has a sensor to measure the status of the used coffee container. You will be alerted on both the app and the machines display.

What can I do with the dry coffee grounds?

You can sprinkle it in your garden or start your own body scrub line!

the drip tray

How do I remove the drip tray?

To remove the drip tray, carefully slide it towards you.

How do I clean the drip tray?

The drip tray can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

How do I know the drip tray is full?

Spinn has a sensor measuring the status of the drip tray. You will be alerted on both the app and the appliance’s touch display.

the milk frother

How can I heat milk without creating milk froth?

If you want to heat up milk without creating milk froth, you have to take off the frothing coil.

How can I clean the different parts of the milk frother?

The lid, frothing rod and coil can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Which milk types can I use?

You can use any type of milk you like. However, different types and brands of milk result in different amounts of froth and different froth qualities.

The milk frother is not suitable for heating up chocolate milk. Chocolate milk contains sugar and when this is heated, it causes caramelized sugar to coat the inside of the frother, which may cause malfunctions.

Tip: For the best result, we advise you to use fresh semi-skimmed or full-fat cow’s milk at refrigerator temperature, between 5-8ºC.

Note: Different types and brands of milk will result in different amounts of froth and different froth qualities. Rice and soy milk, for example, do not produce high-quality frothed milk.

How can I make several beverages with hot milk or milk foam in a row?

If you want to make several beverages with hot milk or milk foam in quick succession, you can shorten the cool-down time of the milk frother by rinsing the inside with cold water from the faucet between the frothing cycles.

Does the Milk frother connect via WiFi or Bluetooth?

No, the milk frother does not connect via Wifi or Bluetooth.

How do I control the milk frother?

You control the frother by the button on the body of the machine.

What should I avoid when using the milk frother?

  • Do not immerse the base and the jug in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not put the base and jug in the dishwasher.
  • Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids to clean the appliance.

warranty & service

Does the Spinn Coffee maker have a warranty?

Yes. You can access the Return Policy and Limited Warranty here.

Can I get a refund?

Between the point of purchase and the shipment of your Spinn Coffee Maker, you can get a full refund by emailing Once you receive your Spinn Coffee Maker, you’ll need to refer to the Return Policy and Limited Warranty for refund instructions.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately after you have placed the order

Shipping and delivery

If you have ordered a Spinn Original machine you will find your batch number and estimated delivery data in your Account Settings. Just login and under Account you will find more information on your order.

Due to the global shipping crisis that has occurred in the aftermath of the pandemic, it is possible that preorders and backorders with more than one item may not be fulfilled in only one shipment. If this is the case, the remaining items in your order will ship with a separate tracking number and you will be notified as soon as this happens.

What is my batch number?

When you login to your account on you go to the "order" tab and it will be stated in which batch you are.

spare parts

Where can I buy spare parts?

Spare parts are available through the Spinn website. The Original is built with modular and replaceable parts. Please contact us directly if you experience any issues. In most cases, you will be able to install the replacement part on your own.

Can anyone, from any country reserve a Spinn?

Yes, anyone from countries listed on the drop down list on our website can buy a Spinn machine.

Can I cancel my Spinn order?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Log in to your Spinn account in your confirmation email. You will find a link to initiate cancellation of your Spinn reservation.

How do I preorder a Spinn?

Reservations can be made here.

Can I order the carafe later?

The carafe will be available for separate purchase once the machines start shipping at an estimated price of $49.00.