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Frequently Asked

From whole bean to cup.


Spinn is not your run-of-the-mill coffee making experience. Our patented centrifugal force technology has been carefully crafted to provide optimal flavor extraction levels by combining sensors, innovative engineering, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Your Spinn Machine will provide guilt-free quality coffee and freedom of choice from the convenience of your home.
You name it! From Espresso to Americano, Lungo to Pour-Over - your Spinn Coffee Maker and Accessories will take over as your personal barista, standing by and ready to make your coffee just the way you like it.
Coffees scoring above 80 points on a 100 point scale can earn the Specialty Coffee title. It is typically grown at higher altitudes with much care and attention from the farmers and sourced responsibly by coffee traders and/or coffee roasters. Roasters will then create custom profiles for each coffee, harnessing the intrinsic flavors present in the beans and sell it to consumers.
In short, the answer is yes. That being said, the machine will have limited functionalities when it comes to automatic ordering, important notifications and recipe downloads when using coffee beans that are not actively offered on the Spinn Market. We also advise against using darker oily beans as they may lead to issues with your machine in the long-run. You can check out the connected Spinn Market and consider supporting our awesome Roaster Roster for a fully immersive experience.,
No, your Spinn Coffee Maker works as a stand-alone appliance. To get the most from your Spinn Experience, you can download the connected Spinn App that will allow you to brew your coffee anywhere in your house, order beans, set up automatic recurring orders and manage your Spinn Account amongst many other convenient features. If you are a fan of milk-based recipes, you might consider ordering the Spinn Milk Frother as an add-on accessory.
Spinn can be used as a stand-alone machine. The touch display on the front of the machine lets you choose from a variety of settings. To unlock the full Spinn Experience, you can download the Spinn App (for iOS and Android)

the app

Yes you can! The touch display can be used to cycle through the various brewing options. Using the Spinn App will allow you to explore all the benefits that Spinn has to offer.
Yes you can! The Spinn App (iOS / Android) can be used to discover your new favorite coffee on the Spinn Market . You can order beans from your neighborhood shop and beyond.
The Spinn App is available for Apple and Android devices. You can find direct links to download the Spinn App here: iOS /Android.
Creating a Spinn Account is easy! Click here to create your Spinn Account and follow the steps in the confirmation email we sent you to finalize your sign-up process. If you already have a Spinn Account you can log in here.
Absolutely! Anyone can connect to your Spinn Coffee Maker using their Apple and Android devices. Guest users must log into the Spinn App with the account associated with your machine. In other words, you must use the same login information to be able to establish a successful connection from separate devices.
Yes! You can now connect multiple machines to a single account. For further information and connection instructions you can reach out to our in-app Live Support Team.
We love this question, and we know that coffee and offices go hand in hand! It is important to note, however, that our coffee brewing systems have been approved for domestic use only. The ongoing, repeated use of a Spinn Coffee Maker in a space with lots of daily coffee servings can cause faster wear on the different mechanical components of the device. This may increase servicing requirements in comparison to the average household.

spinn coffee maker

Yes, the machine requires roasted whole coffee beans to function. The roasted coffee beans will be ground right before entering the brewing chamber where the Spinning happens for best results.
Our steel conical burr grinder automatically adjusts the coarseness to match the coffee recipe you choose. Spinn is a professional-grade coffee maker designed to grind with precision in every serving you make.
This depends on your needs! If you don’t want to worry about filling up your water reservoir, the Spinn Original Pro will be the perfect fit for your household as it has an integrated water supply line and includes everything you will need to hook up your machine and automatically refill your water reservoir. The Spinn Original model does not have this feature.
The Spinn Experience has been engineered with ease in mind. If you would like a plug-and-play experience, that is certainly a great option. If you are a Coffee Connoisseur, however, we have more complex brewing parameters that will allow you to have a fully customizable journey.
That shouldn’t be an obstacle in your enjoyment of your Spinn Coffee Maker! Your machine will have preloaded standard recipes as well as seasonal ones on rotation (made available to you via the Spinn App) that will make your experience all the more enticing.

the brewer

Centrifugal brewing employs centrifugal force to brew your coffee. Our technology allows a more flexible approach to at-home brewing as it is possible to alter water, coffee ground and rotation speed levels to serve a wide assortment of coffee recipes. Users can therefore customize parameters to their liking and the centrifugal force in our brewing chamber results in optimal extraction.
Based on the digital recipe scanned from beans available on the Spinn Market, the brewing parameters are automatically adjusted. In addition to this, users are able to adjust the amount of coffee and water per serving.
As soon as your Spinn Coffee Maker finalizes its brewing cycle, the RPM of the centrifugal core increases to get rid of the water still present in the remaining ground coffee. The faster RPM will dry the grounds and feed them into the residue bin by moving the built-in scraper ring downwards inside the brewer towards the bottom of the machine. Once all of the dry grounds have exited the brewer, and the opening at the bottom of the brewer seals shut, your machine will be ready for the next serving.

the water reservoir

A full water reservoir holds 40oz of water. The size of the servings you make will determine how many drinks you will get out of each full tank.
The water reservoir capacity is 40 oz /1.2 liters.
All Spinn Coffee Makers come with a sensor that monitors the water levels. When you are running low on water, a signal will be sent to your machine, which will then notify you both through the Spinn App and on the appliance’s frontal display panel.
All models have a detachable water reservoir located at the back of the machine. You will need to remove it and use tap water to fill it. If you have a Spinn Original Pro Coffee Maker, you can also activate the auto-fill feature by using the materials provided to connect your machine to a water supply line and follow the instructions enclosed in your User Manual.
The only model capable of water supply line connectivity is the Spinn Original Pro Coffee Maker. Your Pro machine will come with all items needed for connection.
The machine is engineered for a lifetime of 5 years with 5000+ quality coffee servings. Our food safe and industrial grade components are made for prolonged use.

the water filter

The Intenza Water Filter cartridges take out chlorine and filter metals, such as lead and copper. It reliably reduces the carbonate hardness of your water.
  • Improves the smell, taste and appearance of your coffee.
  • Protects your Spinn Coffee Maker against limescale build-up.
  • Increases the lifetime of your machine.
This will depend greatly on the water quality in your area and your coffee consumption over time. You will need to replace your water filter every 2 Months/250 Cups. Your Spinn Coffee Maker will alert you as soon as it is time to replace your filter via push notification on the Spinn App ( iOS / Android). Water filters and all of our other maintenance products can be found here.
Replacing your Intenza Water Filter is simple. Turn the used water filter inside your Spinn Coffee Maker’s Water Reservoir 90 degrees counterclockwise to remove it. Place your new water filter in the position holes found at the bottom of the Water Reservoir and rotate 90 degrees clockwise to secure it. Please make sure that you discard your used water filters in the plastic recycling bin and you’re good to go!
The Intenza Water Filter can be ordered online within the Spinn App (iOS / Android) and on the Spinn Website.
Yes, Spinn Water Filters are recyclable! You can discard used filters with your plastic recycling.

bean reservoir

The Spinn Coffee Maker’s bean reservoir can hold up to 18oz / 500g.
Your machine’s bean reservoir will only need to be cleaned periodically. We recommend doing so before you refill your reservoir. As soon as it is time to clean your bean reservoir, switch off your machine and clean with a dry cloth to remove any oil build-up.
Spinn machines have sensors that measure the bean level inside the reservoir. You will receive an alert on the Spinn App as soon as your machine detects that it is running low.

The bean reservoir’s lid is designed to keep your beans fresh for longer. That being said, we do not recommend keeping beans in the reservoir past the 2-week mark. If you do not drink coffee every day, please consider filling your Bean Reservoir half way for best results.

the grinder

Spinn uses an FDA approved conical burr grinder with a DC motor. Its supply rate in fine mode is 1.0 grams/sec and will produce 3.0 grams/sec in coarse mode. The hardened steel grinder is fully automatic. The resulting grind of the average particle size is between 240 and 1150 micron, and accommodates any coffee recipe with 95% accuracy.
Spinn has a built-in grinder that grinds fresh whole beans. We don't support pre-ground coffee.

used coffee grounds

The centrifugal core forces all the water to pass completely through the coffee grounds. This efficient process fully extracts water and moisture from the centrifugal core. As a result, the spent coffee grounds are dry to the touch and ready to be evenly sprinkled around your garden.
Because the coffee grounds are dry to touch after brewing, the residue bin can hold multiple servings before needing to be emptied. For best maintenance practices, we recommend that you empty your residue bin once per week.
For best results, please clean your residue bin by hand.
All Spinn Coffee Makers come with a built-in sensor that measures the grounds collected in the residue bin. You will receive an alert on your connected Spinn App (iOS / Android) and will also be alerted on your machine's display panel.
There are so many cool projects that you can use your dry coffee grounds for. You can sprinkle the grounds in your garden, start your own body scrub line, or use them to dye your clothes! The internet is full of ideas and you can always reach out to us at for inspiration.

the drip tray

Your drip tray can be easily removed by sliding it towards you.
For best results, please be sure to hand-wash your drip tray with warm water and dishwashing soap. Using your dishwasher may damage it.
All Spinn Coffee Makers include a sensor that monitors the drip tray. You will be alerted on both the app and the appliance’s touch display when your drip tray needs to be emptied.

spinn accessories

No, the Spinn Milk Frother is a separate appliance that does not connect via Wifi or Bluetooth.
The Spinn Milk Frother is a separate appliance that can only be activated manually.

You can use all of your favorite milks and plant-based alternatives. Please note that the texture and consistency of your chosen milk will produce varying amounts of froth.

The Spinn Milk Frother is not suitable for heating up chocolate milk. Chocolate milk contains sugar that when heated can cause a coat of unwanted residue inside of the frother leading to malfunctions.

Your milk frother will require a few minutes to cool down before the next serving. If you would like to produce several servings from your milk frother in rapid succession, you can shorten this time by rinsing the inside of your milk frother with cold water between each cycles.
If you wish to heat up your milk without the added froth, it’s as simple as removing the frothing coil.
The lid and frothing whisk can either be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The main container must be hand-washed carefully in order to avoid water damage in the inner circuits as it is an electronic component.
  • Do not immerse the charging dock or container in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not clean the charging dock or container in the dishwasher.
  • Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids to clean the appliance.
Of course! You can purchase the Spinn Milk Frother and Carafe here (subject to availability.)

spare parts

If your Spinn Coffee Maker is damaged in any way, you can reach out to our support team via the Spinn App (iOS / Android) or you can also contact for assistance. If our support agents determine that the damage was caused by elements outside of your control and your machine is still under warranty, we will be sure to expedite the shipment of any replacement parts required or process your machine for repair.
Spare parts are available for purchase here. Spinn is built with detachable and replaceable parts. Please contact us directly if you experience any issues. In most cases, you will be able to install the replacement part on your own.

warranty & service

Absolutely! Your Spinn Coffee Maker has a 45-day no questions asked return policy as well as a 1 yr warranty. You can access the Return Policy and Limited Warranty information here.
Yes! Prior to shipping your Spinn Coffee Maker, you can get a full refund by emailing Once you receive your Spinn Coffee Maker, you’ll need to refer to the Return Policy and Limited Warranty for refund instructions.
Payments are processed upon checkout, so your card will be charged as soon as you place your order.
Affirm is a third party payment provider that offers financing options to our customers. You can learn more about how Affirm works by going here.


We are currently only shipping to the US. If you would like to be notified when we open shipment to your area, please feel free to contact or sign up to our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of our website.

All Spinn Coffee Maker orders should take approximately 10 business days to arrive. You will receive a separate email with your tracking information as soon as your unit is dispatched.

Address confirmation is a requirement for our earliest adopters. If you belong to this group and have not yet received your unit, please be sure to contact to have your shipment expedited as our correspondence may have been filtered into your Spam/Trash.

You can find your batch number by login into your Spinn Account on and heading to the MACHINE ORDER tab.

Spinn Primo has been permanently discontinued. We want to provide our customers with the best shopping experience while also supporting our roasters in a post-COVID world. You see, the global supply chain crisis caused by the pandemic has made it so that courier prices have skyrocketed. Not only that, but sourcing and transporting coffee beans has become increasingly expensive for our roasters throughout this challenging time. As the situation developed, our free shipping subscription became unsustainable and we had to make the necessary changes to support everyone involved in the Spinn Market operation.

We hope that you can understand that we are still a small company and will continuously work towards improving our customers’ experience to the best of our abilities.

In order to stay in the loop for any future promotional offers on our website, we recommend you check out our newsletter. You can subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of our website and fill in the box that you will find at the very bottom of the page.

Please feel free to reach out to should you have any further questions relating to the Spinn Market platform.

spinn market

If you’re new to the Spinn Market and are not sure where to start, we recommend you try the Spinn Blend first. You can also ask for recommendations from our coffee experts by reaching out to
This is the best way for our customers to keep their favorite beans on rotation and encourages repeat use and purchases within the marketplace. Spinn Market customers and Spinn Coffee Maker owners have the ability to curate an auto-order list with their bean preferences, which can be set for automatic ordering. The options can also be customized to set the order frequency and bag quantity.
We want you to have the best Spinn Experience and using beans that have been uploaded to our database will certainly help! If you would like to recommend a roaster, please feel free to contact to submit your requests.
Sometimes the app might not recognize your Spinn Market purchase. If this happens, please contact our Live Support Team via the Spinn App (iOS / Android) or by reaching out to for assistance.

spinn roasters

We would love to hear from you! Our growing community of Spinn Roasters is always open to new submissions. If you would like to find out more about the Spinn Market and how you can be a Spinn Roaster, please reach out to Dayna at
If you have already signed up to be a Spinn Roaster, but have not been in touch with our Roaster Manager, you can reach out to to expedite your sign up process.
Profile deactivations can be processed by reaching out to Dayna at You can also temporarily freeze your profile if you are unable to process orders by following the instructions provided in your Roaster Onboarding Kit. If you have misplaced this document, you can contact the above email for instructions.

spinn coffee order

When your order has been placed, you will receive both an order and a shipment confirmation email. In the shipment email, there will be a link with the tracking from the mail courrier where you'll be able to see the status of your order. You can also access order tracking by logging into the Spinn homepage and selecting “Orders”
The tracking information may take from 48-72 hours to update. If you still haven't seen any updates after 72 hours for your order, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance
We partner with specialty coffee roasters that roast products fresh to order. Orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 4 business days. If you haven't received your order shipment past this window; please reach out to our support team via or visit our homepage support intercom chat.

With major carriers like USPS or UPS, some orders may be marked delivered early and end up arriving a day or two later. If your order still hasn't arrived after 48 hours of being marked delivered, please reach out to our support team

If your coffee has not arrived within 48 hours beyond the estimated delivery date as posted in your shipping confirmation email, do not hesitate to reach out

Our roasters ship orders directly from their roasting center to you. Multiple items purchased from different roasters in the same cart will be shipped separately.

*Please note that roasters have set individual roasting schedules, while many do not roast over the weekends or holidays.

If you have recently placed your order, our customer support team may be able to cancel it completely or partially. Once the roaster has processed and roasted the order, we're no longer able to stop it.

Our customer support team will do all that we can to help. Reach us via intercom support chat on the homepage/Spinn app or email us at

Because we partner with our roasters for direct shipments from their corresponding locations, coffee orders cannot be combined with Spinn marketplace items.

Please note with coffee orders - The flat rate of 3.00 will be the cost no matter the quantity if from the same roaster, with an additional 3.00 for each roaster source.

referral program

As soon as your contact redeems their Referral Code, they will automatically get a $50 discount on their order and you will receive $25 in Coffee Credits that you can find in your Spinn Profile.

There is a 25 Coffee Credits incentive for our customers each time that a referral is successful and your contact purchases their Spinn Coffee Maker with your Referral Code.
When your contact redeems your Referral Code at checkout, they will get a $50 discount on their Spinn Coffee Maker.
Absolutely! You are free to send Referral Codes to as many of your contacts as you’d like. Please bear in mind that you will get rewards only when your contact redeems your Referral Code at checkout.
As soon as the Coffee Credits have been issued to your account, you can find the credit in your Spinn Profile and begin spending them. You can consult this section at any time to review your balance. Coffee Credit can be used towards Spinn Market coffee purchases as well as Spinn Maintenance Products.
The $50 discount from your Referral Code will only apply when purchasing a Spinn Coffee Maker.
In the event that your Referral Contact cancels their order or returns their Spinn Coffee Maker for a refund, the remaining Coffee Credit balance will be revoked from your Spinn Account. Per our Credit Terms, Coffee Credit is not exchangeable for cash. The issuing and retraction of Coffee Credit is, therefore, at Spinn’s discretion and will be assessed by our Support Team on a case by case basis.
The Spinn Referral Program will be available for the foreseeable future. That being said, the Spinn Referral Program is subject to change or dissolution without previous notice. Redeemed Coffee Credit can also be revoked in the event that it has expired or that the order linked to your Referral Code is canceled.

oily dark beans

We do not recommend using dark/oily beans with your Spinn Coffee Maker.
Darker roasts which have been processed for longer periods of time will secreet oils due to a chemical reaction that the beans have when exposed for prolonged periods to the heat. This oily coating can cause several issues in your Spinn Coffee Maker: the beans will not slide as easily towards the grinder and you may need to manually push them towards the grinder, unwanted residue will build up over time in your grinder and in the centrifugal brewer, which may lead to your machine needing maintenance more frequently.
The Spinn Market was created to shine a spotlight on some of the best roasters in the country. Spinn Coffee Maker owners are able to easily make recipe adjustments through the Spinn App to get the best results with the information provided by our roaster community. That being said, our marketplace also caters to customers who do not use Spinn to brew their coffee. This is the reason why we do not make restrictions with the coffee offerings available on the Spinn Market.
Roasters will add the Dark Roast tag when uploading their coffee offerings, this way you will know what roast level you are purchasing. You can also reach our Spinn Market Support Team by emailing Dayna & Melissa will be more than happy to assist you in determining the best roast for your needs.